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    President George W. Bush Says Bible Probably not True Inerrant Word of God on ABC’s Nightline Interview Bush Says Implies Darwinian Evolution is Fact Disbelieves Genesis Veracity George W. Bush Says God Sent a not the Son Jesus Christ Said Noah’s Flood was Real Historical Event in Ancient World

    Lameduck President George W. Bush said on ABC’s Nightline earlier this week that the Bible is probably not all true.  Bush stated that (darwinian) evolution is fact, which contradicts the Genesis account, so this rules out the possibility that Bush thinks Noah’s Flood is true, the Flood which was followed by natural selection within the biblical kinds (syngameons) of animals who came off Noah’s Ark, about 20,000 syngameons of animals, which became (through natural selection) the millions of “species” of those respective gene pools, the human kind being one syngameon.

    So this renders the “races” of humanity synonymous with species in the darwinists’ scheme, demonstrating the danger which darwinism poses to society (manifested with the Third Reich), as races should rightly be called species (in the darwinists’ scheme) in their pursuit of intellectual consistency, because (for instance) lions, tigers, and leopards, which can interbreed, are still called separate species (obviously making the term species meaningless).  The biological term syngameons of animals has explanatory value, but the term species has zero meaning in the real world of analytic biology, so whose model is really good science?

    In implying that Noah’s Flood as described in Genesis is not real history, Bush is calling Jesus a liar, because He alluded to the Flood as real history in His teachings of the New Testament, never hinting, like Bush, that the global flood event, as described in the Bible, actually didn’t happen, so this is the dilemma facing Christians who deny that Genesis history is an accurate accounting of the early history of the earth and universe, they call Jesus a liar in so doing, and after all, how do you tell a kid who reads Genesis that it’s really not true?  Is that the way you build one’s faith?  And since Bush also said that God sent “a” son (implying that Jesus is not the only begotten of the Father), not the Son, I wonder how much of the Bible Bush really believes at all?  Perhaps he just misspoke.  See the big picture here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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