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    Ancient legends abound about the global Deluge, indelibly etched in the minds of the archaic tribes which migrated away from the Middle East in its aftermath, over six hundred ancient legends about the Flood have been documented by various anthropologists through the centuries, and these do not speak of a river flood, nor a sea level rise (as was at the end of the Ice Age); they’re talking about a Deluge which covered all the land of the pre-Flood world, whose topography was of much lesser elevational extreme as is our post-Deluge world with its high mountain ranges (uplifted at the close of the Deluge).

    And the fact that there are at least 600 such global flood legends, with a few people and all the animal kinds (syngameons) having been onboard, to survive the Deluge which covered the earth with water(because humans had become so wicked), makes it inconceivable that these hundreds of tales were coincidentally and independently dreamed up by these seemingly otherwise disparate tribes, who obviously came from a common heritage, the eight humans who survived on the Ark of Noah, also known as Manu, Nua, Noe, and Utnapishtim, the fish man, they were known as mermen and women, as depicted in assyrian iconography for instance, with human heads and torsos, and fish tails, the survivors of the Deluge in ancient lore.

    The geology of the earth, not surprisingly, bears stark testimony to this global catastrophe, with folded sedimentary layers seen in the mountains, bearing no tension cracks (proving they were still wet when folded), and vast flat-lying sedimentary layers elsewhere, stacked like pancakes and grading into each other, with hundreds of billions of mostly marine creatures entombed therein, and extensive flows of basalt extrusions on the continents which congealed as “pillow” basalts, proving that they had been extruded into water, the receding Flood water, as the continents thickened as the ocean basins sank into the mantle as the runaway plate tectonics of the Flood year ended (see the free ebook download of my first book Old Earth? Why Not!)

    And it should be obvious to all that the lands of ancient Egypt, Sumer, Asshur, Rama, Canaan, the Libyans’ Sahara, were much wetter when they flourished during the bronze age, because that was also during the Ice Age, which immediately followed the Deluge, because the ocean was warmer then, which was the engine for the greater evaporation for the greater cloudcover of the Ice Age, that’s hydrology 101.  And during the Ice Age, the ancients measured and mapped the earth, as evidenced by the “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings,” concisely explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, so know that good science corroborates the Bible, and lest you think the accounts in Genesis were not written by eyewitnesses (except the six days of creation, then checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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