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    Noble Energy Inc. Houston Texas Huge Natural Gas Discovery Find off Coast of Haifa Israel Partners Isramco Negev 2 Delek Drilling Avner Oil Dor Gas Exploration Tamar #1 Prospect Matan License Offshore Eastern Mediterranean Natural Gas Field Bonanza for Holy Land Nation of Israel

    The nation of Israel appears to have some very good news on the energy front; Noble Energy, Inc., Houston, Texas, in cooperation with israeli partners, has announced the discovery of a huge natural gas field, 50 miles out in the Mediterranean from Haifa, in 5,500 feet of water, drilled to a total depth of 16,076 feet below the seafloor, with three pay zones totally 460 feet.  President Davidson of Noble Energy says the field could well exceed three trillion cubic feet of production, and they are planning two more wells in this virgin field, never before explored, so the potential is really quite remarkable, which would enable Israel to be a net exporter of energy for many decades to come.

    Noble Energy stock is hovering now at fifty bucks per share, having been a bit lower than that since it’s high around a hundred about a year ago, so this stock should go through the roof, if the play pans out as indicated by the early reports.  Noble Energy says this find could easily double their reserves, by their 36% ownership of this Tamar #1 project, in the Matan license, and with two more wells (at least I’d think) being planned, Israel could be an energy powerhouse in the very near future.     

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