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    Obviously, those individuals and entities which receive government bailout money will have been targeted because they have been deemed cooperative, friendly to the Obama administration, it’s the Chicago way, payola, friends of Obama will get the money, with a nod and a wink, while the others will be at competitive disadvantage without those payrments from Obama’s federal treasury.  The recipients of the money are effectively part of Team Obama, cooperating with their provider, going along for the loot, it’s natural, but bad for our democratic republic.  This is what goes on in banana republics, patronage money, what Bill Clinton used to call, on a much smaller scale, “walking around money,” and so, the Republican opposition to Obama must be fiercely effective.

    Federal spending for jobs, Obama’s modus operandi,  just decreases the jobs in the private sector, taking private sector tax money to pay for more federal employees, which of course, shrinks the economy, that is, shrinks the tax base as workers switch from private to public sector employment, draining the economy,  reducing the tax base on which Obama’s growing federal behemoth thrives, so his ballooning federal bureaucracy, “good jobs and good benefits,” will destroy the U.S. business climate, putting us in the same boat as the Europeans, which obviously is what Team Obama wants, dependent and loyal to Papa Obama, pathetic.

    The only jobs Obama is promoting are federal payola jobs, which chokes the economy, as previously noted, so private sector jobs are what we need, as promoted by radio and tv economic guru Dave Ramsey, who wisely suggests the federal goverment allow a $20,000 per new employee tax credit to business owners, the tax credit allowance to be offered for five years or so, for millions of new private sector hires, which would cost the federal treasury only $60 billion for three million new private sector jobs, plainly a brilliant idea (and why was Ramsey not consulted?)

    And the big buzzword these days for bailout money is “underwater mortgages,” which are mortgages whose values are greater than the current market values of the properties, making them worthy of walking-out-on by the borrowers, which is foolish, because when real estate prices rise again, be it two years, five years, or ten, those longterm borrowers will have continued making their payments, which they would have been paying anyway, and then, they will not have “underwater mortgages.”  Obama acts as if the real estate market will never recover again in seeking bailout money for these borrowers, it’s ridiculous, yet Team Obama is allowed to get away with it, too bad for our country, but maybe the republican opposition will rise up.

    Illegal immigration obviously does not help job prospects in the private sector, yet Obama has predictably not lifted a finger; however, of course, we need some foreign workers, but surely not tens of millions, many of whom were granted home loans and have since walked with the downturn in the economy, back to their countries’ of origin, hopefully, but don’t count on it, as many have headed to California, or Chicago, to seek asylum in those liberal bastions of socialism.

    The teaching of intelligent design in the classroom is a big issue these days, so if you’d like to see some definitive proof of intelligent design, which allowed the ancients to measure and map the earth by its wobble rate, then checkout the surprisingly simple explanation in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com

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