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    Christian fundamentalists (who believe the whole Bible) are instructed to render unto Caesar (the government) what is Caesar’s (abiding the law, paying taxes), while rendering unto God what is God’s (worship, spiritual morality, tithing and gifting), while muslim fundamentalists (those who believe all of the Koran and Hadith) are instructed to submit or kill all who oppose global islamic hegemony.

    So freedom of religion for practioners of the full counsel of the Koran and Hadith  allows the destruction of any government foolish enough to allow such freedom of religious expression; this dilemma now facing Judge Claude Leblonde in a Montreal, Quebec, Canada court, with the trial of internet muslim terrorist recruiter, Said Namouh, who disseminates downloads of horrific pictures of point blank assasinations of infidels, suicide bombings, and U. S. soldiers’ bodies being dragged through the streets, to recruit suidical Al Qaida collaborators.

    Defense lawyer Rene Duva’s strategy is indeed that Said was merely practicing his religious freedom in recruiting over the internet for Al Qaida from his home in Montreal, essentially, therefore, saying that what is instructed in the Koran and Hadith (such as killing all who leave Islam and those who associate too much with infidels) would be fine for the nation of Canada, in which, hopefully, Judge Leblonde will not see merit, to agree with prosecutor Rita Katz, who will show that literal Islam is a threat to the government of Canada, and to all governments who value their sovereignties and laws.

    Many liberals say that christian fundamentalism is a threat to society, really only because it’s a threat to their intellectual agnostic security, hardly the same as the direct physical threat posed by true Islam, which seeks to submit or kill all who oppose the goal of global domination for Allah’s Islam, so Canada has a landmark case on their hands here; will they allow jihad in Canada under the guise of protected religious expression, or will they fight the onslaught of islamic aggression by rightly ruling that Said Namouh is a threat to Canada’s security?

    And lest you think that the intelligent design of the creation, described in the book of Genesis, is without merit, then checkout how the ancients measured and mapped the earth by its wobble rate, that’s right, its wobble rate, 72 years/degree, see the surprisingly simple explanation in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to help you realize that the historical account of origins in the Bible is reliable.

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