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    With the Fairness Doctrine being considered by the majority Democrats in Congress, wanting “fairness” on commercial AM talk radio airwaves, they should (in order that liberal “progressive” broadcasters compete) spread some of that NPR talent around, which brings to mind actor Alec Baldwin’s classic skit on SNL, with his character, Pete Schweddy, being interviewed by the NPR show hosts, played by Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon (later replaced by Rachel Dratch), interviewing him about his Schweddy Balls, his meatballs, which he sells, and for some reason is being interviewed (probably to fill airtime, ever notice how slow they talk on NPR?)

    So with all those radio personalities at NPR, panned in Baldwin’s SNL skit, there must be plenty of talent with whom to begin commercial radio ventures, like Al Franken did with Air America, now supposedly making money (I doubt it) in three or four big cities.  And with Al now on the verge of becoming Senator from Minnesota, he could broadcast from Capitol Hill, interviewing Republicans, cracking jokes, a little give and take, it would make for great radio.  Go Schweddy Balls!

    And if you’d like to know how the ancients measured and mapped the earth by its wobble rate, 72 years/degree, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, about which I would like to discuss on the new progressive radio shows, with that NPR talent as hosts.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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