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    Megalithic Submerged Ruins in Black Sea Near Anapa Russia Look Mycenaean or Pre Incan Bronze Age

    Very impressive megalithic ruins are found submerged off Anapa, Russia, near the ice age mouth of the Don river, about a mile from shore, a hundred feet down, submerged since the ocean rose up what now is the Dardanelles-Marmaras-Bosporus strait system (a river during the Ice Age) to infill and enlarge what now is the Black Sea connected to the ocean. The underwater megalithic ruins which could be a huge tourist attraction for Russia look like the mycenaean “cyclopean” ruins at Tiryns and Mycenae in Greece (with ruins submerged offshore), like the cyclopean ruins too of Italy and even across the Atlantic in the Andes, built not circa 10000 b.c. when the uniformitarians say the Ice Age ended, rather sometime between circa 2000 b. c. to 1500 b. c., probably built by progeny of Peleg.


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