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    Let’s think through the hydrologic cycle necessitated for an ice age.  To begin with, the skies must have been thick with clouds during the ice age, much greater cloudcover, year ’round for the huge amounts of snowfall.  So what causes clouds to form?  It’s evaporation off the expansive oceans mostly.  And what if global warming (which does happen by solar flares) heated the oceans for more evaporation?  The greater cloudcover which would form would cool the atmosphere back down by shielding the sun.  This is the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle which renders the global warming crowd’s cries of impending disaster alarmist, so what then did cause the Ice Age?

    Since the oceans must have been warmer (but not by global warming) to have caused the greater evaporation for the global cloudcover for the Ice Age, therefore, the oceans (necessarily) were heated from below, probably through the rift zones in the earth’s crust, which still heat the ocean to a small degree, but nothing like the thermal influx which heated the world ocean to have caused the Ice Age, which therefore ended when the world ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures.  That’s hydrology 101, but still not acknowledged by the mainstream scientific community because it lends further credence to the historicity of the account of Noah’s Flood in the book of Genesis, corroborated by over 600 ancient tribal legends passed down through the generations since that cataclysmic event.

    It’s well known that sunspots and solar flares cause our atmosphere to heat up from time to time, which causes more cloudcover, cooling the atmosphere back down, so the global-warming-disaster hype is patently ridiculous, and as the science behind all this corroborates the Genesis account (the mountains rose at the close of the flood as the ocean basins deepened), explaining the source of heat for the warmer world ocean for the Ice Age, the global warming hype which has been ongoing for decades now is creating debate about the real science of all this, the science which logically leads us back to the biblical account for the cause of the Ice Age.

    And to know how the ancients measured and mapped the earth during the Ice Age, sailing all over the world by geometry, according to the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, to see that God’s intelligent design of the universe enabled the ancients to calculate the cubit length, the cubit used to survey the dimensions of Noah’s Ark.  And for the big historical picture see  http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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