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    Secular socialist Hendrik (Rick) Hertzberg, longtime editor at the New Republic, and now writer for the New Yorker Magazine, was on left-winger Chris Matthews’ Hardball show this evening, discussing Arlen Specter’s recent switch to the Democrat party in his effort to return to the Senate in 2010, because of his justified suspicion that the “backward” conservatives of the Republican party in his state of Pennsylvania will not support him in the spring Republican primary, leading up to the general election.

    Hertzberg and Matthews were gabbing that Specter’s defection may mean the beginning-of-the-end  for the Republican party as a national political force, claiming that the conservative christian values of the base of the Republican party make candidates representing these values unelectable in general elections, value-issues such as opposing abortion and gay marriage (but rightly seeking that the states decide these issues for themselves, according to the Tenth Amendment, not by nine people in long dark robes), and revering the Second Amendment right to bear arms, and supporting intellectual honesty in the classroom, vis-a-vis the origins debate, with the evidences corroborating intelligent design young earth creationism religiously shielded from students by the secular educational elites of the government-dominated schools which preach darwinism only, despite the fact that Darwin’s infamous term species is actually meaningless, because members of different species can “interbreed” to produce offspring, rendering plausible the Genesis account of kinds (syngameons) of animals.

    Hertzberg and Matthews were giggling that perhaps Texas should secede from the Union (of the United States) because of the conservative values which are dominant, revealing that in the minds of those left wing zealots, Conservatives are somehow un-American, when of course, the biggest patriots are Conservatives, with many more volunteering to defend our country in the military than from the Liberal camp, a point which I doubt anyone would argue, so Matthews and Hertzberg should re-read their Constitution, which they will tell you is a “living document,” to be changed by judicial fiat, not by amendment as prescribed in the document, so who is being un-American?

    Some things never change, such as the veracity of the biblical account (the early portions which Matthews and Hertzberg, as well as, regular guest on Hardball, Newseek’s editor John Meacham, openly mock, by implying that believers in it must be crazy, but see article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com), and the unending pursuit of political and thereby economic power, as is being attempted by the global (for world government) socialists of the Left through the Obama administration, madly supported by the likes of Hertzberg, Matthews, and Meacham, so who are we to believe and support, those who expunge all criticism of, and counter modeling for, the Darwinian “theory” of ancient earth and biological history (replete with “species”), or those who support intellectual freedom and the U.S. Constitution as written?

    Rick Hertzberg’s mom was a protestant Gentile, and his dad an atheistic Jew, who was the first editor of the left wing  New Republic (where Rick also worked), having opposed the jewish state of Israel as a zionist entity, with the self-assessed “more jewish than gentile” son Rick now backing the Democrats’ support of Islamists who would destroy Israel, which truly is irony, because these left wing secular socialists  (Hertzberg, Meacham and Matthews), who mock the Bible, including the prophecies about the invasion and destruction of the armies against Israel, described in Ezekiel 38, are actually moving the world toward such an invasion, as they attempt to leave Israel virtually defenseless against the millions of Muslims who seek her destruction, yet by their neglect of Israel, are causing the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible which they claim essentially has no historical nor predictive merit.

    But the liberal secularists can’t refute the Bible, as the Genesis account makes sense of the bronze age megalithc ruins found in hundreds of locations around the world from the end of the Ice Age, explains what caused the Ice Age (by the warmer world ocean then), and makes sense of vast sedimentary layers stacked like pancakes, grading into each other, entombing billions of marine creatures, up on the continents, with folding of the layers to have formed the mountains (along with volcanic uplift), as the waters which deposited the sedimentary layers slid off the continents into the then-deepening ocean basins (see the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!), so the secular scientists hide from this set of facts, which are shielded from the kids in our schools; it’s intellectual fascism, what “liberals” should oppose, after all, don’t they value intellectual freedom?  Obviously not.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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