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    You don’t hear much young earth creationism being discussed on christian radio stations, despite the fact that the book of Genesis is the foundational book of the Bible, the book to which the Word (Jesus Christ), not surprisingly, referred often during his incarnated time on earth, 2000 years ago, even citing Noah’s Flood as real history (which obviously was not just a flooded river if you read the Genesis accounting of the Flood), so why don’t christian radio personalities want to talk about this on the air?  It’s because they don’t want to be called a crazy knuckle-dragger by the darwinites of mainstream science, intimidated because these radio talkers don’t have the information (or don’t want it) to defend the Bible as it clearly reads, with Abraham circa 2000 B.C., Noah’s Flood circa 2350 B.C., and the Creation circa 4000 B.C.

    To defend the Bible, particularly the Genesis account, as it reads, would be certainly scary for somebody who hasn’t studied the facts, but to those who have, it’s a piece of cake, because the biblical account and chronology of ancient history really does match the evidence, for instance, that only a warmer world ocean (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, which ended circa 1500 B.C. (when the world ocean had cooled), when the sea level rose to submerge many bronze age megalithic sites (see category Submerged Ancient Ruins), both unexplainable according to the mainstream scientific model, so I hope to more explain this material on the air, as I did with Sid Roth on his nationally broadcast Messianic Vision radio show, which you can access to hear, all five interviews, under Radio Broadcasts at this blogsite.

    The apparent great age of the universe (billions of years) is explained by gravitational time dilation while matter was expanding out rapidly during the first few days of Creation, actually rectifying the Big Bang Theory advocates’ mutually contradictory premises that the universe began from a center and expanded out, and so, has a boundary, but then, treating the universe as boundless, and therefore, excluding gravitational time dilation, according to General Relativity, as in play when  the matter was rapidly expanding out.  In other words, if the Big Bangers would be consistent with their model, they would be forced to admit gravitional time dilation early in the Creation, rendering the biblical model again scientifically sound.

    I hope you Bible believers out there who are tired of Genesis being ignored on the air waves will contact you favorite radio and tv personalities to book some such as myself to explain the scientific veracity of the scriptures, because the Bible makes so much scientific sense, if you know the information, so checkout the radio exchange I had with Sid Roth about these issues, you’ll enjoy it, and probably will learn quite abit.  Refer now please to http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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