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    Talk to mainstream archaeologists about the submerged ruins of two huge ancient Rama empire cities now on the continental shelf, ninety feet underwater, fifty miles from shore, off the coast of northwest India in the Gulf of Cambay, and watch their eyes glaze over, because the Ice Age, to them, ended circa 10000 B.C., about 7,000 years before such building began, and so, those cities should not be there, but there they are, yet little discussed for obvious reasons you’ll see further as you read on at this blogsite and at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

    And talk to them about the ruins of ancient Basiliea, now submerged in the North Sea, fifty miles out, five miles east of the island of Helgoland, off the northern coast of Germany, with the ice age mouth of Elbe river nearby, and watch the mainstreamers urgently desire to change the subject, for the same reason, because such ruins should not be there with their date for the end of the Ice Age at circa 10000 B.C., putting another dent in their timeline for ancient history.

    Off Greece are a multitude of submerged ruins, off Astakos, Platygiali, Abdera, Samos, and Elafonisos, to name a few, but do you read about those in your typical school textbook or see them on your favorite tv documentary channel?  As John Belushi used to say “but noooooo,” for the now obvious reason that their timeline thinking is flummoxed by the presence of just one of the ruins’ sites, let alone the hundreds which have been reported and/or photographed worldwide, most of them in the “old world,” right where you’d expect them, from the time that the Atlanteans were mining the Sierra Morena mountains in southern Spain, and ancient Egypt extended out into the somewhat receded (during the Ice Age) Mediterranean, out to where lie the twin port cities, with huge megalthic buildings, at the ice age mouth of the Canopic branch of the Nile, Menouthis and Heraklion, the ruins of which are now found submerged five miles from shore, more pain for the darwinian timeline.

    So with Atlantis and the rest of the coastal cities having gone under actually circa 1500 B.C., when the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt happened to have occurred, and the Ipuwer Papyrus in Egypt was recorded, describing the drought, disease, and anarchy which plagued that region, and others too, at that time, as the Ice Age was ending, with its catastrophic drying and sea level rise, it’s quite plain that this all quite contradicts what the mainstream scientists have been teaching, so be sure to run this by them, watch their eyes glaze.

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