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    Uniformitarianism Dictates Ignorance of Solutions to Ancient Mysteries Though Solved by YEC Model

    If you are a uniformitarian (an old earth creationist or darwinist), then by that beleaguered model saying the Ice Age ended circa 10000 b. c., you must either ignore the submerged ruins discovered in dozens of locations around the world or say those structures were built before circa 10000 b. c., and you must say the ancients were not navigating the globe and building the Great Pyramid aligned to true north by the earth’s axial precession rate, instead that ET’s facilitated the geometric method, and you must deny that only the ocean warmer (after Noah’s Flood) could have caused evaporation sufficient for the dense cloud cover for the Ice Age, all the ‘while saying the Bible is a collection of crazy mythologies written down by sun stroked iron age shepherds.


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