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    With this “the Year of Darwin,” the media elites in England and America are obviously shocked with the poll numbers showing that over 30% of Britains, surprisingly reported by London’s  U. K. Telegraph, believe the Genesis account as it is written (with the earth having been created less than 10,000 years ago), and Gallup polls in the U.S. showing 50% of Americans believing the same, because after all, have you ever heard these numbers reported on the mainstream media tv news/talk outlets, so do you doubt that the left wing mainstream media talking heads can’t believe their eyes looking at these numbers which make them sick?

    Considering the indoctrination in the schools for darwinism over many decades, and the clergy’s reluctance to defend Genesis as it plainly reads (with good scientific evidence), these numbers are truly astounding, and so, you know some good preaching from the pulpit about this very real Genesis history, as it reads (not as mainstream scientists wish it reads), would be very well received in the churches of America and England, and the rest of the world, defending the faith, and for good reason, as you read on under the categories at this website, seeing that the biblical model actually has much more explanatory power than what is commonly taught about our origins and ancient history in the public schools. So see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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