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    The sediments of the world’s river estuaries and along the seacoasts are said to be the sediments which will eventually compose the continental sedimentary rocks of the future (after they would dry out and cement together), however, the rock layers across the continents, of sand (sandstone), clay (shale), and carbonate (limestone), with variable mixtures of all three, do not indicate multiple transgressions and regressions of the ocean on-and-off the continents over hundreds of millions of years, as proposed by the uniformitarian geologists.

    But that the ocean was once up on the continents, in a catastrophically intense tectonic event, when the mountains rose at the end of that year of the refacing of the earth, which ended when the newly configured ocean basins sank by the solidification of the mostly new basalt ocean floor material, from the spreading of Pangea during the flood year, when the water rushed off the thickening continents into the deepening ocean basins at the close of Noah’s Flood.

    And also doing damage to the uniformitarian geological gradualists’ scheme is that, according to today’s erosion rates, the oceans should have been filled with sediments within about 80 milliion years, rendering ridiculous the gradualists’ notion of ages up to a billion years for some continental sedimentary rock layers.

    And since the continents would have been leveled to sea level, at current erosion rates, within about 15 million years, the rocks of the tectonic activity of the “cretaceous, 70 million years ago,” should have long ago have been eroded into the sea, but there the uplifted mountains still stand, uplifted not very long ago at all, evidenced with their often very craggy and great relief.  For more about the science of Noah’s Flood, be sure to see http://globalflood.org, and after the flood, the science and history here http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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