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    Rivals of Ancient Greece the Amazons of Tritonis Began Where Perseus Killed Medusa by Athena’s Help

    When Perseus sailed to Lake Tritonis (now the Great Eastern Erg of northeastern Algeria) circa 1400 b. c., the Ice Age was ending, perhaps a hundred years before Jason and the Argonauts would sail there, where Perseus killed Medusa, symbolic of the magical arts of the Amazons (Amazighs), killed by the help of Athena (a granddaughter of Sidon/Posidon), Medusa considered an aspect of that moon goddess. Athena was seen good for her help to the greek Perseus, so she was brought to Crete by perhaps Perseus himself, then others such as Theseus helped bring that goddess worship to Greece where she was a protectress of the polity and goddess of wisdom in the arts including warfare.


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