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    Hundred Million People in Ice Age World Named for Biblical Characters Showing Veracity of Genesis

    Most historians put the population of the world at the time of Christ at around two hundred million people, so it’s safe to say perhaps a hundred million were alive two thousand years before that, when the tribes were the names in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), names such as Ashur (Assyria), Heber (Hebrews), Tiras (Thrace), Javan (Ionians), Uz (Uzbekistan), Kush (Sumer, Indus, and Nubia), Aram (upper Mesopotamia), Elam (Iran), Rama (Indus), Misraim (Misor/Misr), Ashkenaz (Scythians), Gomer (Cimmerians), Sin (China) and the other Canaanites, including Amuru (Amorites) of the Amuraca come upon by Christopher Columbus three millennia later in the Americas.


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