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    David Quammen wrote a glowing piece for National Geographic about Charles Darwin, how he supposedly has set the bible believers of the world straight regarding the true nature of biological history, but Quammen creates the strawman argument that the Christians of Darwin’s time believed that God created the giant ice age armadillos, sloths, and anteaters (remains of which were discovered by Darwin in South America), and then, after their extinctions, God supposedly created the smaller versions of the present day, the last in a long series of creations which Quammen says creationists believed to have occurred, and so (as Quammen’s story goes), Darwin correctly linked genetically the ice age creatures with the smaller present day versions, while the creationists didn’t.

    But creationists, at least the ones who believe what the book of Genesis actually says (young earth creationism), know that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, and as Darwin probably knew this too, he didn’t even try to define it himself, saying only that “scientists will know what they mean when they use the term,” proving that Darwin may have known that his theory was a fraud from the very beginning, but followed through on his scheme in defiance of his christian upbringing, coming to supposedly believe that all the creatures morphed over time from swamp goo or some such.

    That large ice age animals became smaller with the climate change accompanying the drastic drop in precipitation rates with its end is really no biological surprise, and certainly not indicative of darwinian evolution, as Darwin and Quammen claim, but only natural selection, however, not within species (whatever that means), but within syngameons, such as the sloth syngameon of animals, otherwise known as a biblical kind of animal, demonstrating that only thousands of kinds/syngameons of animals, not millions of “species,” need have been on Noah’s Ark, proving that Genesis history matches what is noted in the world of biology, as well as, in geology, astronomy, hydrology, and archaeology, elablorated upon in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

    Hybridization within the deer syngameon is a classic example of the foolishness of the darwinian species system, as hundreds of so-called species of deer exist in the world, all common at the family level on the darwinian phylogenetic tree, and I would bet that all of them are genetically capable of interbreeding with each other, proving that they are of one syngameon, not may species, because they are all reproductively viable, the true marker between kinds of animals, not Darwin’s species, which escaped even his definition, the dead giveaway that the theory has no scientific legs.

    And be sure to see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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