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    The House of Representatives is engaged in debate about Obama’s carbon-credit/cap-and-trade legislation (which would cause higher energy costs in this government run scheme), with the news that some Democrats are getting cold feet, ‘though not saying so in public, afraid to vote with Obama on this because the folks back home will probably vote them out of office if they do vote for this blatant attack on the free market system, but where when oil and gas become rare, the price will go up, and we will then be transitioning to other forms of energy because of those higher prices.  So why not let the markets, supply and demand play this, without government intervention to line its coffers on the backs of Americans? 

    The global warming hype which Obama embraces is demonstrably foolish, because any real atmospheric global warming is due to temporary fluxes of heat from the sun, solar flares, and such global warming in turn is buffered by an increase of cloudcover, by increased evaporation off the surface of the then warmer oceans, for more hurricanes, which cool the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism in the hydrologic cycle which Obama’s scientists love to ignore.

    And when you think about it, since there must have been much more cloudcover during the Ice Age for all that snow and ice in the more extreme latitudes and high elevations, and much more rain where now are deserts in the middle latitudes, the oceans at that time must have been paradoxically warmer, to have caused the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age.  Think about it.  But if those warmer oceans were caused by solar flares, for a warmer atmosphere, then how could there have been an Ice Age? 

    The answer is that the oceans were heated from below, through fissures in oceanic crust, during Noah’s Flood, which easily covered the pre Flood landmasses, as the mountains we see today rose at the close of the Flood, composed of sediments, which means laid down in water.  Read more about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and be sure to learn how the ancient measured the earth by its wobble rate (72 years/degree) in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.  Additionally, I hope you demand that you Congressman not fall into the global warming hype designed to fleece Americans.

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