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    The famous swastika sign of naziism is thought to have been an ancient sun sign, like the cross within a circle, the celtic cross, but there is other meaning to those signs, etched in stone, that the ancients could determine true north (hence the four cardinal directions depicted in the signs), for seafaring and the determination for the lengths of the cubit (20.632 inches) and the olympic foot (12.16 inches), the units used to survey many of the great ancient sites, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza, and in the case of the olympic foot, the original Acropolis at Athens, both built at the dawn of post Deluge civilization, during the Ice Age, as explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com (and know that 3,000 olympic feet compose the base perimeter length of the Great Pyramid, which however was surveyed in cubits).

    So it’s obvious that ancient history is not as proponed in our institutions of higher learning, where it’s said that tree shrews morphed into humans (over time), with no evidence of such ever having happened, yet that is fact to them, expected for us to believe, when in reality, even Darwin’s own term species is meaningless, his concocted term supposedly indicating genetic boundaries, old and new (ostensibly by mutation), however, differing “species” of animals can interbreed even up to the family level on the phylogenetic tree (such as the many species of turtles), and therefore, the term species is meaningless for Darwin’s supposed purpose of showing the “evolution of new species,” because what he observed was merely genetic variation within kinds of animals, scientifically known as syngameons of animals, such as the “species” of cats,  lions, tigers, and leopards, which can interbreed, as can many “species” of horses, bears, birds, fish, elephants, and all the rest, capable (or were capable) of hybridizing withing their respective syngameons, which obviously puts Noah’s Ark into play, because “millions of species” need not have been boarded on the Ark, only thousands of syngameons.

    According to darwinian logic, the races of humans are because of darwinian evolution, and so, also by logic, comporting with the doctrine of the survival of the fittest, some so-called races will eventually come to dominate, presuming we are essentially just animals.  But race was not even a big isssue in the very ancient world, merely the notation of hair and skin color usually sufficing, with all types of people in various regions and kingdoms of the world in “archaic” times, such as in archaic Olmec land of Mesoamerica (much due to the navigational methodology explained in the link), so there is no historical reason to believe that one race has or will come to dominate the rest, and really, what is a race, can you define one?   Is it really as simple as black, red, white, yellow, and brown?   I don’t think so, because we are all of one syngameon, as the evidence plainly indicates, and by the way, neanderthal man was a human during the post deluge Ice Age.  

    In foisting darwinian dogma on impressionable young minds in the schools, the educational elites, led by Obama, seek to brainwash our kids to never believe the obvious truth however which is found within the pages of the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible, the historical truth which explains the benevolent intelligent design of the universe so that humans could measure their world in ancient times, as explained in the link, and the historic and hydrologic truth that only geothermally heated oceans (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the dense cloudcover for the Ice Age, and the archaeological truth that the bronze age ruins found submerged on the continental shelf in many parts of the world have been there since the end of the Ice Age, which therefore clearly ended much later than popularly advertised, in conformity with the genesis timeline ‘though with the Exodus having occurred when the Ice Age was ending.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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