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    Unfortunately, science taught in our high schools and universities is the purported fact that the vast sedimentary rock strata which compose most of the geologic column on the continents were deposited during multiple transgressions and regressions of the ocean, on and off the continents, through hundreds of millions of years, but is there really evidence of multiple transgressions and regressions?  If this had been, then why are there no ancient soil horizons within the geologic column, which should have been covered by the subsequent sedimentary transgressions of the ocean? 

    And what caused the ocean level to supposedly rise and fall (or the continents sink and rise), many times, with the ocean water reaching to the middle of continents, to have caused the entombment of billions of fossils within sedimentary layers which often extend across entire continents (with many of the layers grading into each other as if deposited from one catastrophe)?

    Besides the obvious evidence that the sedimentary (meaning layered in water) rock column was indeed caused by the ocean having layed down those sequential, mostly flay-lying (except in the mountians), deposits on the continents, what other evidence do we have that the sea level has risen in the past? 

    There are hundreds of sites of submerged bronze age ruins on the continental shelf in many parts of the world, such as off the coast of Lebanon, Greece, Spain, India, and Japan, submerged since the end of the Ice Age, when sea level rose about three hundred feet to cover about twenty million square miles of low elevation land, but the Ice Age(“s”) supposedly began about ten million years ago (“for no known reason”), while the deepest sedimentary rocks on the continents are supposedly hundreds of millions of years old, so the mainstream scientists can’t say ice age sea level fluctuations were responsible, and even then, the sea level fluctuation of several hundred feet would not nearly be enough to reach the continental interiors for sediment deposition, so this cannot be their rationale.

    And mainstream geologists don’t have any other possible reason (that sea level rose and fell supposedly many times), but the global flood model fills the bill, as you read on in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, learning that the mountains rose at the close of Noah’s Flood, and that only a paradoxically warmer ocean could have been the engine for the Ice Age (as you can also learn under category Catastrophic Climate Change).  And lest you think there is really know intelligent design of the universe, then checkout article #2 at http://iceagecivilizations.com, explaining how they surveyed the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza according to measures of the wobble rate, 72 years/degree, of the earth’s axis.

    Keep in mind that there are hundreds of ancient legends about the global Flood, written like a ship’s log in the Genesis account, the first book of the Bible, which relates much about the beginnings of the universe and earth, and the generations of mankind in the early days, with all but the six days of creation recorded by eyewitnesses, as explained in article #13 at http://genesisveracity.com, so you can see that the Bible really makes alot of sense, particularly when compared to the lame hypotheses of those who would try to disprove it.  See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com and http://globalflood.org.

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