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    With Sarah Palin, no longer governor of Alaska, commencing her speaking schedule in the lower forty-eight states of the U. S. to continue her national advocacy for commonsense federal governance, she undoubtedly will be asked about her christian faith, and how her grandfather once showed her a fossil in a rock, and asked her how old she thought it was, with Noah’s Flood on both their minds, because they come from a christian family tradition, believing the Bible, which has not changed. 

    Palin has more than hinted that she’s a young earth creationist, believing the book of Genesis as it reads (see the free ebook download of my first book), not as old earth creationists wish it read, and certainly not as christian darwinists, such as the Pope, wish it read, so she can begin to express the many great scientific reasons to believe the Genesis account, as it reads, recorded by eyewitnesses (except for the six days of creation), explained in article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, for consideration to teach the biblical model of origins in the schools, to compare with the darwinian model on a purely scientific basis, which Palin knows would not bode well for the darwinian cause, because it really does not stand up to honest academic scrutiny, while the biblical model does wonderfully match the evidence, as you’ll see when you read on under the various categories at this blogsite.

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