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    Bill Maher Says Interview Wolf Blitzer CNN America Dumb Stupid Country Dumber by Day Sarah Palin Could be President Bitter Progressive Atheist Bill Maher Slams Calls American People Stupid Dumb for Supporting Vote for Spiritual Enlightened Born Again Young Earth Creationist Christian Sarah Palin Why Do Liberal Left Wing Progressive Democrat Media Hate Sarah Palin Biblical Worldview Creation Science Public School Classrooms Patriotic Policies Grassroots Support for Police Military Fighting Illegal Immigration Oil Gas Drill Here Now Politically Spiritually Lost Bill Maher Rants Against Conservative Christian Political Philosophy U. S. Constitutional Government

    In saying that America is getting dumber by the day because Sarah Palin could be elected president, bitter atheist comedian Bill Maher is actually ranting against people who believe the Bible, which Bill has made a career out of mocking, so faced with his potential future president, who believes the Bible, all of it, he goes into meltdown mode, as if many presidents haven’t believed the Bible, and as if the Constitution is not based upon the three branches of government in ancient Israel, so do your homework Bill.

    Palin believes all of the Bible, including Genesis, which really puts a bee in Maher’s bonnet, but there are many great reasons to believe the Genesis account, such as that only a warmer ocean (after Noah’s Flood) could have been the engine for the Ice Age, and the “late” end of the Ice Age explains the hundreds of submerged bronze age ruins discovered in hundreds of locations around the world (because the ancients precisely navigated all over the globe during the Ice Age by the method in article http://IceAgeCivilizations.com), additionally that the sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic geology which we see actually confirm the Flood (as the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), so Bill, let’s talk about this on your show.  You can get a real live young earth creationist on the show to try to skewer.

    But the evidence holds up under scrutiny, as you can see as you analyze the material under the various categories at this blogsite, and in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, so check-it-out, and email Bill requesting that he book me as a guest on his show, I would love to do it, and Bill would have his chance to really get after one of those crazy christian young earth creationists, one of Palin’s ilk, so if he can’t get Palin, he can get me (I’ll have more data for Bill anyway).

    Bill also hates Palin because she’s pretty, likes guns, supports the military, opposes illegal immigration and Obama’s federal government patronage system (community organizing style), and because she supports school choice and academic freedom, while Maher supports statist schools which teach darwinism as a scientific religion, not intellectual honesty at all, because most people know darwinism is a joke, this is why the darwinists don’t want their model compared and contrasted with the biblical model, exposing the fact that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, rendering his theory specious (google syngameons biblical kinds), so Bill, let’s talk about it.

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