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    Since Barack Obama called the white cops stupid, in their arrest of his buddy Skip Gates of Harvard, but in the previous breath, said he didn’t know the facts of the case, a firestorm of controversy around Obama’s obvious racial prejudice has erupted, as it’s obvious Obama does not represent all Americans equally, which is not a surprise since he spent twenty years in Jeremiah Wright’s church, and associated with William Ayers much in his previous professional lives, when he enthusiastically practiced community organization, even serving as lawyer.

    The issue in the Gates case is that he performed a long racist tirade at that cops, calling them every name in the book (including a choice “yo mama” line), so Obama defends that?  Apparently Gates just about went berserk, when the cops were just doing their duty, for which Gates should have been thankful, but went nuts over instead.  And the irony is that all this race talk is thanks to the liberal “progressives,” and the darwinists whom they uphold as the arbiteurs of scientific truth, the priests of Darwin’s religion, which it really is, because “species” is a meaningless term (google syngameons species).

    Since members of differering “species,” such as camels and alpacas, can interbreed, the genetic meaninglessness of Darwin’s term becomes apparent, and because the “races” of humans “look different” than others, the races are species according to Darwin’s scheme, just as camels and alpacas “look different,” but are the same, from common ancestors, as the Bible says, the biblical kinds of animals, syngameons (not Darwin’s specious and meaningless term), and therefore, according to the liberals’ darwinism, the black Gates white cop case was a confrontation of species, the survival of the fittest, so you can see that the liberal public schools are actually fostering racism between competing “species” in their insistence that darwinism is unquestionable truth, hardly the case.

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