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    Imagine that there were a Department of White Studies at Harvard, would that not be weird?  Well the race-baiting professor there, Skip Gates, teaches in the Department of Black Studies.  Now I’m ok with a department of African Studies, but Black Studies?  There are dark-skinned people all along the middle latitudes of the world, but we all know Black Studies implies almost only ancient african history, which in and of itself is specious because “whites” lived in much of ancient Africa too, and blended genetically with the “blacks,” so to have a Black Studies program is really as ludicrous as a White Studies program, because darwinism is behind all this, with (according to the theory of Darwin’s biology) the “races” of humans effectively species, his term, a concept which actually is meaningless because the term species has no meaning, as such different species as tigers and leopards can interbreed, rendering Darwin’s theory truly based upon only a meaningless, yet magic word, species, of humans too, according to a true analysis of darwinism, following the theory to its implications for humankind (the biblical term), what really underlies racial tension in the modern world, that some are somehow less evolved than others, opinions held by blacks, whites, and browns the world over, failing to realize that all humans are of one genetic syngameon, the human kind, among the animal kinds, in Genesis.

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