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    Glenn Beck says Barack Obama is a racist.  On Fox and Friends this morning, Beck uttered the words as Sergeant Crowley and the Cambridge police department await a direct apology, nationally broadcast, as were Obama’s words that they behaved stupidly in the arrest of Skip Gates.  Of course this was not a snap judgment on the part of Beck, because he has been exposing Obama’s black liberation theological tendencies and associations for years now, after all, having mentored under Jeremiah Wright for over twenty years, and dedicated his book to him, should it not be surprising at all that the student believes much (if not all) of what his honored pastor and mentor has been teaching almost all his adult life? 

    Black liberation theologians, such as Wright, plainly comporting with islamic jihad, teach that the white jews and romans were usurpers of ancient black (or at least brown) people’s territory in the Holy Land, Israel, and that the land must return to black (or at least brown) control, by driving out the white devils (read judaists and christians), to return the land to blacks (or browns), because blacks (browns) have supposedly been denied their rights, just like blacks and browns are supposedly being denied their rights in America, such as in the case of Skip Gates, who was arrested for the potential to have started a riot, as he raged a racist tirade, followed Crowley outside with his ranting, creating a public disturbance, even dropping a “yo mama” line on Crowley for all to hear.

    What makes it particularly embarassing to Obama, considering to directly apologize to Crowley, is that Obama admitted he didn’t know the facts of the case, but then immediately went ahead and called the cops stupid, which shows that he actually forgot what he’d said only seconds previously, as he snapped into his black rage thing, what he’s been hearing all his life from his mentors, such as Wright, black communist Frank Marshall (when Obama was a kid), and Saul Alinsky, who wrote Rules for Radicals, the playbook for community organizing for communist goals, as Obama tries to establish a government monopoly on health care, really no surprise.

    I guess Obama still hasn’t found a christian church to attend in D. C., so maybe he’s reading his Bible at the people’s house (hopefully without commentary from Reverend Wright), because Obama claims christianity, but admires a guy who for decades has preached that the jews don’t belong anywhere, particularly not in the Holy Land, right in line with what the muslim jihadists are saying, seeking to wipe the jews and Israel off the map with islam’s goal of global domination, but Barack Hussein Obama says he’s a friend of Israel, which obviously is hard to believe.

    And if you think there is no benevolent intelligent design of the universe, even evident to the ancients, then checkout article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, explaining that the rate of the wobble of the earth’s axis, 72 years/degree, allowed the ancients to measure the earth with simple geometry, which incidentally means earth measure, the root of our modern nautical mile mapping system.

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