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    Barack Obama is raiding the refrigerator, so to speak, like an uninvited guest, in running up huge debt on the taxpayers of the private sector, who had know idea it’d be like this, using the money for his fascist federal takeover of the U. S. economy, designed to benefit illegal aliens, who vote democrat to say thank you, and legal american low-or-no wage earners, who often don’t really try anyway, and so, just relax on the government dole, wanting excellent free health care which actually however is a commodity, not a right, so socialized medicine is clearly not the way to go, after all, would you want that the government be in charge of the distribution of the food which we eat?

    The president is willing to bankrupt America for his socialist goals, preeminent now that low income blacks, whites, and browns (including millions of illegal aliens) receive the same level of health care as wealthy Americans, to “level the playing field,” which is of course merely a redistribution of wealth, communist style, because health care is a commodity, not a right, nowhere to be seen in the Constitution, ‘though America is still an essentially christian nation, with much charitable medical service provided at public and private hospitals, so good care can be provided with some tweeks in the system, not Obama’s fascist government takeover plan which surely would cause a drastic decline in the quality of the goods and services provided in the medical industry, because the government would be in control, need I say more?

    In the blowback after Glenn Beck saying Obama’s a racist on Fox and Friends, liberal pundits are now saying that the supposed true racism displayed by Beck (and those who listen to him) is the real reason that Obama’s recent policy initiatives are flaming out, in effect, saying that America, all of a sudden, became racist, six months after the biracial president was elected, which obviously makes no sense at all, it’s because Americans don’t want Obama’s black liberation theology and marxist ideology manifested in our federal government programs.

    Barack Obama learned his black liberation theology from Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii, then at Columbia U. in NYC, a bastion of hyper-bloomed “progressivism,” and then for twenty years sitting in the pew listening to Jeremiah Wright, and hanging out with William Ayers, what a crew, and what an education for the guy who calls white cops stupid in a case he admitted he didn’t know the facts about, what was he thinking?  And Robert Gibbs even admitted they had talked about the Gates arrest before he did the news conference, revealing that his underlying resentment of whites, christianity, jews, Israel, and capitalism, is palpable in what he says and proposes, which even clear-thinking Democrats are beginning to figure out.

    President Obama learned his community organizing strategies which rocketed him to stardom in the “progressive” politcal world from communist Sal Alinsky’s handbook for the fascist takeover of the american democracy, in his Rules for Radicals, where Obama learned to claim that almost everything under the sun is a right to the residents of America, be they legally or illegally here, making a mockery of our Constitution, as Obama plays the race card for huge government programs, but he’s the racist, having called white cops stupid in the same breath that he said he didn’t have the facts of the case, as he has turned a blind eye to the corruption at ACORN, who are his bond slaves, useful tools in his drive to “change” America.

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