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    Barack Obama indicated (as Glenn Beck says) that he’s a racist when, in the same breath that he said he didn’t know the facts of the Skip Gates case, said the (white) cambridge cops involved acted stupidly, certainly not what his handlers had hoped he’d say, but it came from his real being, what he’s become after many long years of eagerly learning the teachings of progressive radicals such as communist poet Frank Marshall Davis, communist community organizer Sal Alinsky, and black liberation theologian Jeremiah Wright, his honored mentors, the inspirations for what he is today, seeking “black liberation” by redistributing wealth by creating debt which must be paid by those generating production in the private sector, on the backs of the taxpayers of the free enterprise system, which Obama seems want to destroy by his big government intrusions into markets.

    Black liberation theology, which Obama has studied for decades, much of it learned during twenty years listening to Wright (‘though Obama claims he was asleep in the pew), posits that the canaanites, who lived in the holy land before the jews took it over circa 1400 B.C., were supposedly blacks who therefore somehow are the rightful heirs to the Holy Land, which is code to the muslims that black liberation, tight with islam, can be counted upon as an ally against the nation of Israel, the apple of God’s eye, obviously not acknowledged by the muslims and black liberation theologians with their followers.

    The notion that many africans’ darkness of skin denotes a race, when dark skinned people in other parts of the world are not considered black, but tamil, or melanesian or austronesian, is racist in and of itself, as if african blackness is somehow different than austronesian blackness, with black the standard, and nothing more, for if it were more than just black as the standard, ancient tribalism would enter the equation, with the families in the Bible in Genesis 10 the obvious progenitors of the tribes which became the various races, with the darker skinned people having had greater survivability in the hotter middle latitudes, natural selection, but not Darwin’s style.

    The members of humankind, the biblical term for us collectively, are of one genetic syngameon, the syngameon of humans, obviously all colors of humans, of which the biracial president is certainly aware, but apparently not in an informed way, because the darwinism, out of which black liberation theology evolved (no pun intended), espouses that africans and europeans are different, for instance, Jeremiah Wright says blacks are more “right-brained” while whites are not, which falls into the obvious logical conclusion from darwinism that the “races” are emerging “species,” as if the differently colored people (and white is a color) will eventually not be able to reproduce amongst each other, which of course, is not what we’d really expect scientifically, but that certainly is darwinism for you, racism in the guise of valid science.

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