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    Ken Ham Masks Ark Encounter’s Poor Attendance Numbers Saying It’s so Big Thousands Aren’t Noticed

    What may have been projected to be the biggest day (Saturday July 30th) of the summer for the Ark Encounter, three weeks after its opening day and near the end of summer when some kids are due soon back at school, the attendance was 6,000 people says Ken Ham, which is just a thousand more than they must average per day to meet their projection of two million visitors per year. Ham says visitors shouldn’t be shocked if few people will be waiting to go onboard, because he says thousands will be onboard, yet then he says that once you’re inside, it will seem few visitors are there because the Ark is so big! That’s some pretty amazing spin, so he’s definitely in need of a shot in the arm for the Ark Encounter, such as demonstrating to the world how the ancients measured the earth to establish the cubit length used for Noah’s Ark, not the 20.4 inches Ham is now citing, rather 20.632 inches which is a subdivision of the radius length of the earth, by its axial precession rate of 72 years/degree.


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