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    Did you know there are hundreds of submerged sites of megalithic and brick ruins discovered on the shallow seafloor in many parts of the world?  There are ruins of submerged cities off Egypt, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, Spain, France, England, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya, as well as, off India and Japan, not to mention off Bimini and the Teneriffes, so are we to believe they were submerged when the sea level rose with the end of the Ice Age?

    The ancient hindus in their vedic literature wrote of the time when the kingdoms of Kumari Kandam (off southern India) and Rama (off northwest India and Pakistan) were flooded when the sea rose to consume vast tracts of land (essentially what now is the continental shelf), and these were bronze age kingdoms, with ships and metal weapons (as was Atlantis), so are we really to believe that happened when mainstream scientists say the Ice Age ended, circa 10000 B.C.?

    Of course, bronze age does not mean 10000 B.C., so what gives?  Plato had the date wrong for the submergence of Atlantis at 9600 B.C., otherwise his description of the bronze age warfare at sea against the Greeks renders the whole story farcical, but when you see that the submerged ruins off southern Spain and Morocco, and Libya, France, Britain, and the Teneriffes, are of the now submerged kingdom of Atlantis described by Plato (see category Atlantis Revealed), it was certainly the catastrophic climate change which swept the earth circa 1500 B.C. when also the sea level was rising.

    This all comports perfectly with the Bible (what a surprise!), when the Exodus occurred was the end of the Ice Age, as Egypt fell apart, because of catastrophic desertification and sea level rise described in the Ipuwer Papyrus, written circa 1500 B.C. by Ipuwer, who watched the whole country dry up before his eyes, as whole civilizations were displaced by the drying which created the deserts of the world today, where countless bronze age ruins lie buried in the desert sands.

    Look at a map of the earth which shows the desert regions, where once flourished ancient towns and cities along the shores of the ice age basin lakes and streams of the Sahara, also where now are the parched plains and dry wadis of the Middle East, and where northwest India and southern Pakistan began to tranform to the climate of today’s Great Indian Desert, and it’s obvious that a catastrophic climate change caused the disruption of those civilizations, clearly when the Ice Age ended, which really puts a crimp in the mainstream scientists’ timeline for ancient history.

    When you think through the fact of hydrology and meteorology that only a paradoxically warmer ocean could have caused the Ice Age, and that by the “fountains of the great deep” of Noah’s Flood (the mountains rose at the close of the Flood), then Sarah Palin’s respect for young earth creationism becomes understandable, I think you’ll agree, out of the box, but that’s intellectual freedom in this great nation of ours, as we look forward to biblical studies offered as cousre electives in american public schools this fall, studying the impact of the Bible on civilizations through the centuries, this Bible study which top college professors say is a must.

    Palin has said she believes that dinosaurs (dragons) lived when humans lived, off by 65 million years according to mainstream scientific theory, but the roman historian Cassius Dio wrote that the general Regulus, leading roman legions in a campaign against the troublesome Carthaginians of north Africa, when a dragon had crept up behind the soldiers, was then slain, and skinned, the skin shipped to the roman senate where it was measured at 120 ft.!  There are many other records of history such as that cited in chapter one of the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!  And to see that all but the six days of creation were recorded by human eyewitnesses, checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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