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    As Sarah Palin rides high in the polls, looking everyday more like the proper antedote to Obama’s strangely reckless policy initiatives, her desire that the Bible be taught as an option to public school students is being realized this fall in the high schools of Texas, Tennessee, and Georgia, where the Bible will be learned and understood as it has impacted civilizations through the centuries, particularly western civilization, in art, architecture, literature, and political thought; the Bible undeniably the most impactful book in the history of the world, so why ignore it?  Why do the secular progressive darwinists fear the Bible so much, do they know something which many of us don’t?

    When Sarah Palin, in an important national tv interview with a mocking progressive talking head, will inevitably be asked how in the world can she rationalize her belief that the earth and universe are young, as the book of Genesis indicates, she should fire back with:

    1) There are submerged megalithic bronze age ruins on the continental shelves all around the world, so how can you expect people to believe the Ice Age ended circa 10000 B.C.?  Can’t you see that the biblical timeline matches the evidence?

    2) How do you think the Ice Age was caused but by a warmer ocean, and can you guess what caused the warmer ocean?

    3) The stratigraphy of the earth indicates a watery geologic upheaval, so we can compare this model to the old earth scheme where the ocean supposedly transgressed and regressed many times on and off the continents.

    4) Did you know that the Big Bang Theory is predicated upon two contradictory notions, that the universe had a beginning point but yet supposedly is unbounded?  However, with the contradiction remedied, that the universe with a beginning point therefore must be bounded, gravitational time dilation was in play during the rapid expansion of matter early in the history of the universe, so good science says the distant stars actually are much younger than advertised.

    5) Did you know that radioisotope rock dating and carbon 14 methods are based upon unknowable presuppostions?  Did you know that some rock dates come back with results saying the rock should not yet be formed, and did you know that more than factored volcanism causes exaggerated carbon 14 dates?

    6) Darwin’s term species is meaningless, so why use it?  Let’s try syngameons.

    7) Have you ever traced the etymological and anthropological accuracy of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10?  We can analyze that for the students, who might choose a course covering such.

    8) And we can teach the kids how the ancient Egyptians measured the dimensions for the Great Pyramid of Giza by subdividing the radius length of the earth determined from the wobble rate of the earth’s axis, the method from which derive our nautical mile mapping numbers of arc minutes and seconds, what all our navy guys should know for sure.

    This would make for a great interview, I hope Chris Matthews pops the question on Hardball, that would be a hoot.  Chris doesn’t act like he realizes that species is a meaningless term, nor that darwinism breeds racism, so he needs to know, and I’d love to hear Palin get him up to speed.  By the way, the ancient mapping finding is simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, and to know that all but the six days of creation was eyewitnessed by humans, from Adam on down, then checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com.

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