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    Multi billionaire and biggest backer of Barack Obama, progressive fascist idealogue George Soros, recently bought almost a billion dollars worth of Petrobras stock (the national petroleum company of Brazil), which just announced a huge oil and gas field discovery soon to be developed with the help of the american taxpayer as it turns out, because Obama plans to transfer two billion dollars from the american treasury to help the project, thus deliberately undermining our goal of becoming energy independent here in America, where Sarah Palin stands in the wings, gaining momentum, to take it away from Obama in 2012, as Soros gets even richer in the meantime, the brazilean deal part of his payback for all the help he’s given Team Obama, the fascist takeover artists whom the american people are growing to loath more and more each day.

    Palin deconstructed Obama’s “death panel” verbiage in the House healthcare bill (the one he wanted rammed through congress this summer), forcing him to drop it just because of her written analysis on her facebook page, which gained much national attention immediately, but ignored of course by the mainstream media, however, this Soros brazilean oil deal versus Palin’s desire to Drill Here Drill Now may gain much national public opinion resonance, forcing the mainstream media to once again, grudgingly, cover the american people’s overwhelming desire to drill here drill now, so we can stop sending our money to countries who would love to see us go down.  And let’s teach this in the public schools, see article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, which really does explain much.

    And certainly too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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