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    Do you know that the actual cause for the Ice Age which has escaped mainstream scientists ’til now is right under their noses in the Bible?  They commonly eschew the book of Genesis as myth and fairytale, but the history reveals the only hydrologically valid cause for the Ice Age, a warmer ocean from which much more water evaporated into the atmosphere than today for the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age.  The ocean was warmer, so the steam rose off prodigiously compared to today for that dense global cloudcover for the snow blitz in the more extreme latitudes, and the much greater rainfall in the middle latitudes, where today the ruins of ice age cities lie in the desert sands, but then were lush lands of greenery and game.

    All other theories for the cause of the Ice Age entail that the global atmosphere was colder, but that flies in the face of simple hydrology, for with colder temperatures (of the ocean surface too) there would have been even less evaporation and so clouds in the atmosphere than today, where now the polar regions are technically deserts because of the dearth of precipitation there, but during the Ice Age, the shorelines along the Arctic ocean were lush with pastures and forests, where elephants abounded, but then were flooded-out in tons of watery muck, then frozen, when the Ice Age ended, when the skies cleared, for the polar regions to sink to very low temperatures in winter, after much warmer summers for the rapid snowmelt of the Ice Age’s end.

    So the ice age ocean necessarily was paradoxically warmer, heated from below, geothermally, through the fissures in the oceanic crust, it’s the only way such warming of the ocean for the Ice Age could have occurred.  And when the Ice Age ended, it obviously was when the ocean had cooled to about today’s temperatures, that’s hydrology 101, quite obvious really, but with the Bible providing the answer here, you can bet mainstream scientists won’t be snapping in agreement anytime soon, as the clear science stares them in face from the pages of the Bible, where the fountains of the great deep of Noah’s Flood is described (and the mountains rose at the close of the Flood).  Read more about all this in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!

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