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    As Barack Obama’s job approval rating falls to 45%, it’s apparent that more than just some old white guys are very concerned about the path which Team Obama is trying to take us down, away from natural capitalism to a fascist controlled government economy, where Obama and his fellow “progressives,” such as communist green job czar Van Jones, intend to effectively own the means of production through restrictive regulations for “green jobs” (for Obama’s supporters) and the literal takeover of whole industries (to hire Obama supporters), as we’ve seen already with the auto and banking intrusions by Team Obama.

    So college students and other young adults are surely waking up to this attack on the american system and way of life according to the Constitution, with the freedom to obtain and use property as one sees fit, not under tyrannical dictates by the whims of the federal goverment under this fascist president, who apparently thinks he knows how to run our lives better than we do, which is why he’s dropping like a rock in the polls, and rapidly becoming unpopular with the younger adults of America, as they learn more about the history of Obama, his ties, alliances, and the communists who now are the czars serving under Obama, the man who told Nicolas Kristoff at the New York Times that “the prettiest sound on earth is the muslim call to prayer,” which certainly is a strange statement from the supposed christian president, but not when you realize that B. Hussein Obama learned Jeremiah Wright’s style of christianity, where Jesus somehow was a black Philistine, not an Israeli, so I think Wright should write his own bible, perhaps aptly dubbing it the King Hussein Version, surely destined to be a big hit in Tehran and amongst the progressives of America.

    Tehran is the namesake of the biblical patriarch Terah in the Bible, in the Table of Nations (Genesis 10), who was only a few generations before Abraham, the father of the Israeli nation, so those who hate each other in the Middle East are distant relatives, with their roles in the history of the earth foretold in the Bible, as in Ezekiel 38, it’s prophecied that Persia (Iran) and several other named nations in the region (Gog and Magog included) will attack Israeli, but be mightily defeated, after which the then emerging Antichrist will step in to make seven years of peace, as Team Obama brings on the fulfilment of the prophecied attack on Israel, favoring the muslim nations over tiny Israel, which we pray will not be forced to stand alone, without real friends, as seems to be the case now.

    And see http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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