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    While we pray for Ted Kennedy’s family in their loss, as predictably the left wing media is already using his death trying to drum up sympathy support for Kennedy’s pet project, government healthcare, now called Obama Care, and since presumably Kennedy received good affordable health care before his eventual demise, Rush Limbaugh today suggests that the democrats’ national healthcare plan be called Ted Care, in honor of Ted Kennedy, who would want that all Americans receive the many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, of private healthcare which he was afforded through his private insurance, what he would want for all americans and his allies the illegal aliens too (democrats rejected republican amendments where applicants for government coverage would be checked for citizenship status).

    But how to pay for Ted Care?  Would Ted favor 70% taxes on his family to pay for it all?  So you can see that when democrats say good affordable health care for all, they don’t mean Ted Care, they mean rationing, and total dependence on a full medical industry monopoly which is what Obama for years has said he is seeking, one of the promises which got him elected, but now, many millions of  miffed democrats who had voted for Obama (not to mention the millions of independents and republicans too) are smelling the coffee, and it’s burnt, so look for the tide against Obama’s fascist takeover to continue to rise, as the midterm elections approach, and even obamabot Chris Matthews now acknowledging that the democrats could lose big in the congressional elections.  And I wonder if Chris knows that the ancients measured the earth by its wobble rate?  See how it was done in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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