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    After many months of very expensive cancer treatment, 77 year old senator Ted Kennedy passed on, I suppose still wishing single payer (government) healthcare would become the law of the land, as he liberally has been proposing for decades.  But did he really think all americans under his single payer plan would receive the medical treatment afforded him, the 77 year old guy who probably would soon die anyway?  Do you see the hypocrisy, just as congresspersons for the bill refuse to commit to signing up their families with the public option sought by Kennedy and most of the Democrats?

    Hard to admit for progressives will be the fact that, under Obama Care, old guys like Kennedy would be deemed not worth the costly treatment which would be saved for much younger more productive americans (and illegal aliens who would not be checked for citizenship status on application according to the democrats plans), to be denied the government resources for the expensive cancer treatment care, as in Kennedy’s case, illustrating the wonton hypocrisy and fiscal absurdity of the progressive Democrats’ plans, which is why Rush Limbaugh proposes that the Democrats call their plan Ted Care, in honor of the man who would ostensibly deny himself the cancer treatment which he did but seek while here. 

    As the illogic and destructiveness of the progressives fascist policies of Obama’s left are becoming apparent to most americans, we wonder how Team Obama will respond, will they try to ram Ted Care through the congress, risking a waterloo in the midterm polls in 2010, or will he give up on his single payer idea, to seek real constructive changes to the way the medical and insurance business operate, for instance allowing them to compete across state lines, and allowing higher deductibles on policies, and encouraging gifts to charity hospitals by tax incentives, to take care of the poor and indigent (and illegal aliens without private insurance policies).

    Many mexican politicians and illegal aliens say most of the West of America was Atlan/Aztlan, the ancient mexican homeland, and so, the illegal aliens actually have more right to be here than real u.s. citizens, however, ancient mexican literature (such as the Popol Vu) says that the first ancestors had come from across the eastern ocean, which is the Atlantic, you know, Atlan, the empire of Atlantis, which extended both inside and outside the Straits of Gibraltar, according to Plato, bronze age ruins of which are now found submerged in many locations off France, Malta, Libya, Morocco, Spain, the Teneriffes, and Britain, see how they navigated the oceans of the world during Ice Age times by the very slow wobble rate of the earth’s axis in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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