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    Poverty Point Louisiana Copper Oxhide Ingot Trading Great Lakes Ozarks Appalachians Trans Atlantic

    Extensive ruins of mounds and berms of a big ancient city at Poverty Point in northeastern Louisiana, on a long ridge in the flood plain of the Mississippi, reveal the trade of 60 lb. copper oxhide ingots, shaped like a square animal hide pulled in the four directions of its corners, that weight one talent used across the Atlantic for the “oxhides” produced there, indicating obviously a trans Atlantic connection. That great city on the Mississippi flourished from circa 1500 b. c. to circa 1200 b. c., when also the upper Great Lakes region was mined, after the snowpack of the Ice Age had cleared, where too copper oxhide ingots of the talent weight were found in the area of Lake Gogebic of Michigan’s upper peninsula.


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