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    Cardinal Timothy Dolan Fox and Friends Feign Ignorance of Johnson Amendment Muzzling Pastors

    Until Lyndon Johnson came along, preachers advocated from the pulpit for political candidates, of course some more than others, but Johnson had a problem with pastors in his reelection bids and so instituted the “Johnson Amendment” to the IRS code, prohibiting overtly political speech from the pulpit, now this must be all news to Timothy Dolan with Fox and Friends when they all feigned ignorance that this is an issue in the presidential campaign, considering why should preachers be forced to check their political free speech rights at the church door, and why are black churches allowed overt political speech while white ones are not? Dolan (and most pastors) wouldn’t know what to do with the right to overt political speech from the pulpit, and of course they could abstain, but others surely would risk losing some of their congregants because of their desire to speak from the heart as citizens.


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