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    Although there are no known instances of gay bullying in our public elementary schools, students this fall will be taught to accept, or even embrace, the gay lifestyle, in order to prevent the supposed bullying of ostensibly gay second graders, but who has ever met a gay second grader?  And if there really are gay second graders (pre pubescent at that time in life), then certainly gayness should be considered possibly hereditary, ‘though research shows the behavior is not, but of course, adults teach kids the gay lifestyle, such as in our public elementary schools, teaching very young students about gayness, and that it’s really just fine. 

    Tucker Carlson of Fox News has produced what should be a very interesting special airing for the first time on Friday, Aug. 4, (called Do You Know What Textbooks Your Kids are Reading?), so be sure to check it out, explaining how our public school students are being purposefully and systematically indoctrinated into humanistic progressivism, where gayness is supposedly hereditary, ostensibly passed down through the generations.  But if the grandparents and parents of the child are obviously not gay, then how can gayness be hereditary?  It makes no sense whatsoever. 

    Certainly when young people are disingenuously taught that they either were born gay or not, that gayness truly is not a lifestyle but supposedly the scientific manifestation of some unknown gay gene (as the term lifestyle contradictorily implies choice not genetic inevitability), those student victims in our taxpayer-funded halls of indoctrination are learning bad science and taught behavioral science and psychology which defy the evidence, after all, where are all those homosexual eight year olds (at least the ones who have not been taught to act gay)? 

    Of course, the teachings in the Bible are eschewed as without real merit, but with public high schools now however permitting bible study in elective courses in Tennessee, Georgia, and Texas, will it transition down to the young kids, will they be able to study what our forefathers here in America thought about the Bible and the lessons to be learned from it?  We hope so, for some fair and balanced treatment of the world in which we live, here on the earth, which wobbles at the perfect rate so that the ancients were enabled to accurately measure and thereby amazingly map the earth, simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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