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    Short Lived Troy Trading Hub Western Anatolia Began Time of Flooded Dardanelles Named for Dardanus

    Plato wrote about Atlantis that Theseus, Erechtheus, Cecrops, Erysichthon, and Erichothonios lived in the timeframe that Atlantis and much of Greece were consumed by the sea (when the Ice Age ended), and the father of Erichthonios was Dardanus, for whom was named the Dardanelles, because when the Ice Age ended, what had been a river flowing down from the Black Sea basin (it was a big lake) into the world ocean gradually turned to saltwater as the ocean rose up that river valley to connect to the Black Sea basin. Troas, the namesake of the Troad and the city of Troy, was a grandson of Dardanus, who lived circa 1400 b. c., so the life of Troy as a major trading hub lasted about three hundred years.


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