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    Pelasgian Finger Measure of Mura Ciclopiche Walls at Alatri Latium Italy Same at Machu Picchu

    Roberto Mortari of Italy has established that the “cyclopean walls” in the region of Latium, such as at Alatri, were measured by a unit which he calls the Pelasgian Finger, its length 0.6 of a modern inch, and that is almost exactly 1/20th of an ancient olympic foot measured 12.16 modern inches, perhaps that the western Mediterranean seafarers used a vigesimal (base 20) number system. Mr. Mortari notes that the measure also for the massive structures at Machu Picchu was the Pelasgian Finger, progeny of Peleg having sailed up the Amazon and its tributaries to the Andes.


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