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    Range of Heber’s Progeny Pelasgians Ice Age Aegean and Adriatic Basins Apparently Black Sea Too

    Eight hundred years after the demise of the Pelasgian thalassocracy, the greek historian Herodotus circa 450 b. c. wrote that the Pelasgians had ranged from Asia Minor to Italy, and Hesiod circa 800 b. c. had written that the base of the Pelasgians was the region of Epirus (Dodona) at the mouth of the Adriatic, so considering that the Pelasgian remnants reported by greek writers too at Thessaly (Larissa), Crete, the Hellespont (though named for Elisha), and the Strymon river (which flows into the northern end of the Aegean), the cyclopean ruins still onshore and many submerged offshore, ranging from Italy to the ruins submerged off Anapa, Russia, in the Black Sea, show the extent of the ice age Pelasgian civilization.


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