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    To Rationalize Rush of Ocean Water Into Black Sea Basin Uniformitarians Posit Hellespont Breach

    Uniformitarians have rightly determined that the Black Sea, which had been a huge lake during the Ice Age, was infilled with ocean water quite rapidly, much faster than they had predicted by the very slow rise of sea level characterized in their model for the end of the Ice Age, so to rationalize that massive rush of water into the basin, they posit that the ocean did rise slowly (beginning circa 10000 b. c.) yet was blocked from breaking through the Hellespont isthmus for about 5,000 years until the ocean finally eroded through to pour in. But they refuse to acknowledge that the huge lake during the Ice Age had an outflow, a river (now the Bosporus strait) having flowed down to what was a smaller lake during the Ice Age, now the Sea of Marmara, and then a river outlet from there (today’s Dardanelles strait), of course down into the ice age Aegean, the ocean having steadily risen up for about a hundred years to then infill the Black Sea basin with a rush as the final several feet of vertical sea level rise was completed.


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