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    Stone Circles Attributable to Sinites of Uyghur Sinkiang Desert Region Like Canaanites’ of Levant

    Built by Canaanites, stone circles ranged from the Levant west to Stonehenge, and to the east, as far as north-central China where is the Turpan basin and the Takla Makan desert, in the Uygur Sinkiang Autonomous Region of northwest China, stone circles where now is expansive desert so obviously built during the Ice Age (which ended circa 1500 b. c.) Uygur was a son of Togarmah (a son of Gomer) and brother of Turqi (Turkey) showing the range of the “Tocharians” to China, and Sin was a son of Canaan, those prolific in stone circles for astronomical worship.


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