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    Submerged City of Kushasthali Its Etymology Tells Tale of Beginnings of Indus Valley Civilization

    Off the coast of northwest India in the Gulf of Kutch (Kush) is the submerged city Kushasthali, named for Kush (a son of Ham/Cham), who helped begin the Indus Valley Civilization (Rama and Seba/Shiva were sons of Kush), and the last syllable thali an indo european word for sea (as in the greek word thalassic), showing that Kush was the ringleader whose people though adopted the indo european language (japhetic) now known as Sanskrit. Of course the ostensibly undecifered Indus Valley Script of pictographs recorded the Sanskrit language, later recorded with a semitic alphabet brought probably by Canaanites when the Ice Age had ended circa 1400 b. c.


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