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    A very interesting documentary of intrigue now playing on the History Channel is titled Holy Grail in America, about the evidence for the voyages of Knights Templar member Henry Sinclair of Scotland to Nova Scotia back in the 1390’s, a hundred years before Columbus (the jew from Spain) landed in the Americas, over a thousand miles to the south in 1492, with much evidence of the Sinclair group’s settlement at Oak Island, hidden in an estuary midway up the southern Nova Scotia coast.  Sinclair was rumored to have used an anomalously far reaching and accurate map with which he boldly navigated from Scotland there to Nova Scotia, purportedly to hide the Holy Grail (last supper goblet) and other priceless artifacts from the Israel’s holy Temple Mount in Jerusalem,  ostensibly discovered after excavations and brought to the “new world” when the catholic church had turned against the Knights Templar and their clandestine ventures.

    The Zeno Map of the North Atlantic was drawn in 1380, probably the map used by Henry Sinclair to navigate to Nova Scotia (New Scotland) from Scotland, but the Zeno brothers must have drawn their map based on ancient source maps, because what they drew shows a knowledge of polar projection of longitude lines, by a knowledge of accurate timekeeping, impossible for the Zeno brothers to have attained, but anciently, they knew how to measure the time of the earth’s wobble rate, at 72 years/degree, to accurately have measured and mapped the earth by the method simply explained in article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com, the ancient source maps probably having been rescued from the ancient library at Alexandria, then to Constantinople, and then obtained by the catholic crusaders, among them the Knights Templar, obtained by the Zeno brothers in Venice from where they sailed west beyond Greenland.

    The region near Oak Island, Nova Scotia, around the town of New Ross, is rich with tin and copper deposits (for making bronze) and so too presumably ancient mines, because I’ve seen pictures of the stone ruins of an extensive ancient building structure there, probably the bronze age city known as Norumbega (Estotiland on the Zeno map), the location known to the ancients by the source maps used to compile the Zeno Map, reflecting the archaic knowledge of time measure for geometry, which means earth measure, also reflected in the Scribbles in the Stonework at Rosslyn by Ashley Cowie (google it), in the ancient earliest stone vault rock art found “in the basement” of the famous chapel in Britain, no doubt from Atlantean times, as you can see after perusing further under category Atlantis Revealed.  See http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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