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    If the “greenhouse gas” carbon dioxide is really so bad, then why do plants need it to survive?  And we’re told that our planet needs more trees, for more oxygen production, but that comes by global plants (vegetation) synthesizing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so more plants need more carbon dioxide, leading one to wonder, which do the alarmists want, considering they can’t have both?  It’s really a moot point arrived from a scientifically irrelevant issue however, because measurable global warming occurs when the sun’s energy output surges, such as back in the 90’s, but since then, no more warming in the current decade has occured (and perhaps a bit of cooling), as the carbon dioxide level has increased all the ‘while, proving that it’s not “greenhouse gasses” but solar flares or sunspots sending more heat to earth which is the dominant cause of any extra atmospheric heating.

    And when the atmosphere is heated by the sun, what then happens to the sea surface temperatures?  So because of those increased sea surface temperatures, more water evaporates into the atmosphere to form more clouds, which in turn cool the atmosphere back down by shade and rain (and huge hurricanes when the sst’s are very high in the tropics), so that is the negative feedback loop in the hydrologic cycle against any global warming, further exposing the hysteria of all the global warming hype, the “science” on which presicent Obama and his progressive Democrat cohorts in the congress are basing their regressive cap and trade (tax) energy legislation, planning to tax our carbon dioxide emissions which all those plants really need!  Save the dandelions!  (And how perchance do you stop volcanos from emitting carbon dioxide?  Can Obama handle that one with all his powers?  Cap or tax the volcanos?)

    You may be foresightedly wondering now about how warmer oceans for more precipitation may have related to the Ice Age, and indeed, the ocean water was heated from below, thorugh the oceanic fissures in the crust, like a boiling pot of water, so to speak, having caused lots of “steam” for much greater rates of cloud formation back then, in the aftermath of the emissions from the “fountains of the great deep.”  You can read all about it in the free ebook download of my first book, Old Earth? Why Not!, and to see one of the really great reasons to believe all the bible (but the six days of creation) was purposefully recorded by human eyewitnesses, please checkout article #13 at http://GenesisVeracity.com, quite compelling.

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