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    Barack Obama briefly addressed the reps at the United Nations today, fretting with seeming conviction that global coastal villages are being lost to the sea because of climate change, which is typical Obama logic tailored for the masses (how stupid does he think are we?), expecting us to not wonder why that if villages by the sea worldwide are going under because the ocean is supposedly rising, then what about Miami, Cape Cod, and Seattle?  I guess Obama expects us to believe that the ocean rises only where we aren’t, so I sure would like to know where are all those villages which Obama says have recently been relegated to the seafloor.

    As you read on here under category Submerged Ancient Ruins, it will become obvious to you that there was a huge sea level rise which inundated vast tracts of land when the Ice Age ended, having ended actually much later than we’ve been told, proven by the hundreds of submerged bronze age ruins sites around the world, such found on the shallow seafloor off Lebanon, Greece, Malta, Spain, Morocco, India, and Japan, submerged when the dense cloudcover of the Ice Age had dissipated, which allowed the direct sunlight to melt the ice age icepacks, pouring into the sea, raising sea level a few hundred feet within about a century.  That was real climate change, not expected scientifically at all with our current global climatic regime.

    The engine for the Ice Age now becomes fairly obvious, the ocean must have been warmer to have caused all that cloudcover for the massive snow blitz and much greater rainfall totals in the middle latitudes during the Ice Age, but the ocean must have heated from below, because any greater heating of the atmosphere (by whatever cause) would indeed heat the sea surface, however, the ensuing greater evaporation and therefrom cloudcover would cool the atmosphere back down, the negative feedback mechanism of the hydrologic cycle, so the Ice Age was caused a warmer ocean from geothermal heating of it, through fissures in the ocean floor, the rift zones, where now oceanic plates are slowly moving apart, with any great increase of the separation rate surely to likewise cause another Ice Age.  

    The solid hydrologic science dictates that for sea level to rise again today, there must be even less cloudcover over the arctic regions to cause more melting of the icepacks, but the polar regions today are technically deserts, very little precipitation, because it’s so cold there, but was much warmer during the Ice Age, paradoxically, because the warmer ocean during the Ice Age kept the coastal regions in even the arctic rainy and lush with vegetation, so all those mammoths and mastodons could flourish there, evidenced in the fossil record in the frozen tundra all along the arctic circle.  And do you know how the location of the poles was determined in ancient times, so that the Great Pyramid of Giza was aligned perfectly to true north?  See article #2 at http://IceAgeCivilizations.com.

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