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    Polar bears have webbed feet, with skin between the toes on their paws, this phenotypic change of physiognomy for that strain of bear caused long ago by mutations in that branch of the bear family tree, the physical change which engendered their swimming advantage, so those bears with what really is a genetic defect became advantaged reproductively in marine environments, as they obtained more food because of their swimming advantage and so had more cubs to dominate over other types of bears in that environment, survival of the fittest, naturally selected according to greater survivability, and so, dominant reproductive rates for the white and web-footed strain of bear in that environment.

    But is that strain of bear, the polar bear, with webbed feet, in the process of morphing into a duck or something?  Are feathers next to mutate from fur, with wings and beak to follow, mutated out of front legs and snout?  This is what the darwinists would have us believe, however, who would bet the ducks of the future will have morphed from polar bears?  Any takers?  The polar bear’s webbed paw mutation was an alteration of the genetic code of a branch of the bear syngameon, a biblical kind of animal, as the polar bear is still a bear, not on its way to being a duck (unless you believe in darwinism), because the genetic code of the bear syngameon does not include phenotypic variation potential for duckhood by mutation, just some skin between the toes of the paws of polar bears for their swimming advantage amongst the icepacks.

    When young earth creationists Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee will inevitably be cornered about their ostensibly unscientific beliefs during upcoming interviews and discussions leading up to the republican presidential primaries in 2012, I hope they use the syngameon concept for a teachable moment, pointing out that Darwin’s term species is meaningless, because members of differing species can interbreed, such as polar bears and black bears (with the web feet of the offspring I suppose left fully up to the probabilities of mendelian genetics), rendering Darwin’s term silly as a definitive tool to classify groups of animals with heritable genetic variations.

    Palin and Huckabee could also point out in the teachable moments that the term race is a darwinian concept, while skin color was merely one component of personal description in ancient times, with the tribe or nation being the determining factor of one’s genetic history, which did not include monkeys in the family trees, so who is/was truly more progressive, and what is a so-called race anyway?  Obama is of two races, so which is it?  Sincethe term race is meaningless, why else do they use the term unless to divide according to darwinian concepts about survival of the fittest?  The only survival of the fittest factor in America is that whites have a greater survivability rate in frigid Minnesota than blacks do there, because of skin color, and vice versa in Florida, which is just a manifestation of natural selection within the unique human syngameon, a biblical kind of creature, the human kind, made in God’s image, not the monkey. 

    And checkout some very compelling paleontological evidence of the syngameons (most of which are still extant today) in the fossil record, predictably, according to the history in the book of Genesis, at http://DetectingDesign.com/fossilrecord.html, remembering that the mountains were not covered by the Deluge, but rose at the close of it, so don’t get hung up on that strawman argument, and remember, the radioisotope dating methods for rocks or organic material are base upon unknowable presuppositions, so the biblical model really makes alot of sense, if you take the time to look at it.

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