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    Etymology of Atlit Yam Seemingly a Mystery Yet Water Meaning Atl and Yam Canaanite God of Sea

    Twenty miles south of Haifa down the mediterranean coast of Israel are the submerged ruins of Atlit Yam, a “neolithic” town of walled buildings, trade industry, stone circles, and temples, yet the meaning of the name Atlit Yam is ostensibly unknown, but Yam was the canaanite sea god, and Atl is the same as in Atlantis, meaning water, so perhaps Sidon (Posidon), a son of Canaan, decided to not use the hebrew word for water mahim as did some others rather having continued the original (since Babel) canaanite word atl for water, these two words sounding much the same when you consider that the r sound can be pronounced the l sound across cultural lines.


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