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    Sarah Palin’s Speech Address Hong Kong to CLSA Investors Forum Meeting Review Summary Sarah Palin Proposals Please Investors in United States Business Eliminate Inheritance Capital Gains Tax Drill Here Drill Now Less Regulation Sarah Palin Big Hit Hong Kong Business Community Sensation

    Sarah Palin spoke to the big CLSA Investors Forum in Hong Kong today, receiving a three minute ovation at her introduction, then wowing them with proposals sure to instill investor confidence in the presently troubled U. S. business climate, proposing the elimination of capital gains tax, which is double taxation on gain by investment of previously taxed income, and the elimination of the inheritance tax too, which also is double taxation, surely wowing the bigtime international investors (many of them American) gathered there in Hong Kong to hear the beautiful queen of the right, who has much constructive to say, as the Democrats will soon learn when she begins to barnstorm America with speaking engagements.

    And Palin’s clarion call to “drill here drill now (in America)” and reduce unnecessary regulation of businesses was surely music to the ears of the american international oil and gas investors who would rather stay home in America to drill than share their cuts with muslim sheiks or latino banana republic dictators who (more often than not) help fund those who would bring down America. 

    When Palin starts hitting Obama’s left wing with these proposals when she begins barnstorming, her momentum will gain further steam, bigtime, because what she stands for is what most Americans want:  secure borders, energy independence, school choice, interstate health insurance competition, and a strong alliance with Israel, as we pray that current president Barack Obama not continue his attitude that Israel is the trangressor in the Holy Land.

    See too http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.

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